Child Support Payments Are Not Easy To Collect .

Most moms receive no child support payments. It is very hard to collect child support, for most single moms household. Due to the high divorce rate in America close to 50%, there has been a dramatic increase in the amount of children growing up in single parent families.

Most single parent family household are headed by women, Recent polls showed that 43 percent of custodial parents are not receiving their court-ordered child support payments. This means that there is a lot of single mom family living below the national average poverty rate.

Women are usually at the lower end of the income scale than men. Thus, getting some financial help would really be a blessing for moms. Child support is very important. It ensures that the children maintain the same lifestyle that they were used to before the divorce.

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Some fathers hold back from paying out child support out of ill will towards the mom. But in the process of trying to hurt their ex-wife, they are really hurting their children more. When this happens the mom has to work two jobs sometimes three jobs to support the family.

Sometimes when a mom is not home to take care of her children, it can create a lot of problems. Teenage boys can start to get into trouble; teenage girls could become pregnant because there are no parents at home to support and guide them.

Get Your Court-order

Once you have your court order in place, you can take total control away from the ex. if you let the money comes directly out of his pay cheque by his employer. You can do this if he is employed. Although, If he has his own business it is much harder to get the money even though you have the court-order.

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