Name Your Day Planner: "A day In The Life Of Single Moms Everywhere".

Why do single moms need to create a day planner? You need it to keep track of your daily responsibilities. I suggest single moms name their day planner “a day in the life of single moms every where”. Below is an example of the busy single moms life.

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School Day

You wake up in the morning and you get the kids up for school, if your alarm clock doesn’t wake you up, then it becomes a chain reaction: every one in the house is late that day. With somechildren,it is a job in itself trying to wake them up, get them to have breakfast and leave the house.

If your job is outside the home and you have to get to work on time, it can be very stressful. Only single parents can really identify with this. Even when you are sick you still have to perform all the duties in the home, especially when your kids are very young. A day planner can be your best friend when you have your daily chores organized.

Grocery Day

A day planner is a must for grocery day, as this is a very hectic day for single moms. You go to the grocery store pick up the groceries, load up the shopping cart, take it to the cashier, and then take everything out of the cart.

After you pay for the groceries you put everything back into the cart and take it to your car. Next, you load everything in your car, bus or cab and go home. Once home, you have to take all the groceries from the car and into the house. Then you must pack them in their respective places in the kitchen.

Oh! And don’t forget, your kids still need to eat. So that means you have to cook after doing all that work, even if you are sick.


Get all the dirty clothes, usually small kids tend to mix in clean clothes with dirty ones. You have to sort the clothes before you wash them. Most of the time you are going to have an average of three loads per week. The clothes have to be folded and put away. And yes, you still have to do this if you are sick. Whew! It makes me very tired just talking about the life of a single mom, how about you?

Yard Work

Because you are the only adult in the home, you have to cut the lawn, shovel the snow if you live in a country that has snow, rake the leaves , etc.

Day Planner, School Day,Party, Singles dating Singles, Deale,


A single parent’s kids will sometimes want a ride to a friend’s party, and will also need to be picked up after. Older children may need a ride to and from work. If you have two children working in two different locations, who have to be picked up at the same time at night, do you flip a coin? Decision like these and more are common place in the life of a busy single mom.

A day Planner is very helpful because it keeps you organized andspreads out your work so that it’s not as overwhelming as it seemed before. Most single moms have life very hard, because it is only one person working. When there are two parents in the home, the workload is split, so it is a lot less tedious.

In my opinion, single parents you should get your day planner in place, it will definitely lower your stress level.

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