Do You Listen To What Men Want From You?

What men Want?

I cannot say this enough times, men and women both want to have passion and romance in a relationship. Men and women are human beings and all humans male or female, are addicted to love and affection. Nevertheless, when it comes to love, and relationships, men and women have a different way of expressing their feelings, and they are attracted to different things about each other.

Men don’t think and feel the same way most women do. But, when it comes down to it, men are human first. And, men and women are more alike than they are different. Both want to feel needed and be understood.

Do you really want to know what men want? I am sure you do, because you want to understand men. Women have been trying to understand men for years, so much so that it has become hopeless for some women. Anyhow, keep reading and you will understand why men want to be with some women more so than with others.

Most women unfortunately have the wrong idea about what makes a man want to be with her, and what makes him attracted to her? No, it is not because she is prettier and younger than the woman he has decided to have the serious relationship with. The present woman finds a way to get him to feel a deep craving to be with her.

There are times when a man really likes a woman, but being with her would mean that he would not be totally fulfilled. He would be forced to give up something that means a lot to him, and in doing so, he would not be happy. If he is miserable then so is everyone else around him, and that is not a healthy atmosphere.

A major reason a man decides if he wants to be in a relationship with you is how attracted he feels to you emotionally, not physically. This attraction I am talking about is the type that makes a man feel addicted to you like a chocoholic who is addicted to chocolate. This kind of deep attraction makes him feel so close and connected to you that all he thinks about is you.

Learn how to ignite the flames, and keep the intense attraction between you and a man so strong he wants to be with you, and only you. Get him to want you for more than just a fling. In order for a man to feel like he is attractive and important, he needs to feel that you have a great amount of desire for him. Men want to feel important and feel a sense of safety within a relationship.

He needs to feel that he is appreciated. Just as you like to be complimented by a man, he also needs to be noticed and be complimented as well. He feels unappreciated if his woman doesn’t compliment him. He also wants to have a lot of spontaneous fun just like you do.

Note: This is very important to men. Men have an uncontrollable intense, burning desire to feel understood by the woman they are with. He wants to be accepted for the man he is. If a woman can make a man feel great in all these areas, then he will be devoted to her forever.

She will have no relationship problems with him at all. No infidelity issues, no arguments, no hurtful behavior, nothing that would ignite conflict. You need to learn to listen more and talk less, and this will help you to understand what your man requires to be happy.

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