Why Michelle Obama Character Is Like A Thief.

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Michelle Obama character is like a thief, it stole hopelessness from black women in exchange for hope. Hope to realize that high profile black men can really love and appreciate a black woman, and be proud to be with her. That not all high profile, black men are embarrassed to have a black woman as their wife.

Women, the answer is to educate yourself so that you don't need a man to feel complete. Basically, the man should be your partner and your companion.

Michelle Obama character stole the perception from most high profile black men that black women cannot be sexy and at the same time glamorous, sophisticated, intelligent and powerful. She is the representation of brains, glamor, and beauty, inside and outside. She is the First Lady of The United States of America.

No matter what happens in your life to make you feel inferior, don't let it change your character. Stand tall and be proud of who you are. Continue to look glamorous and remember, you are the First Lady of your home.

Michelle character stole most black athletes' idea of a trophy wife, by showing them women who look like their black mothers and black sisters are beautiful. She stole their inferior complex and gave them self-confidence. Don't let society dictate to you who or what beauty is. You have to accept and love yourself, before you can love someone else.

Michelle Obama character stole the excuse from women and people of color who say they cannot accomplish anything because of the color of their skin or because they are A woman. She is very accomplished in her career and in her marriage. Her husband President Barack Obama said that Michelle is his rock.

Excuses are replaced with drive, enthusiasm, and determination. In life you have to set goals and visualize yourself in that role. Use determination and drive as your guide to success.

Michelle character stole the ideology that women have to hold high profile jobs outside the home to be recognized and respected. She has shown that women can have high profile jobs working from home. Working from home is great especially when you have small children.

Ensure that it is your choice if you choose to work outside the home, and you are not doing it to be respected by society. You should do it because you feel that it is the right thing to do for you, your children and your lifestyle.

Michelle character stole the stigma that you have to wear designer clothes to be recognized and valued. She replaced that by wearing clothes from stores were regular American women shop. Michelle Obama gives women the confidence to feel proud and walk proud, even if you are not rich. Use her experience to do the right things in life, even if you are pressured and criticized.

Thanks for being a thief. Michelle, you have given black women the confidence to realize that they are beautiful. You have no idea how much of a large difference you have made in the lives of many women of color. You have helped black women everywhere feel a sense of beauty and confidence. Michelle, you are loved.

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