Mothers Education Is vital. Especally For Single Moms In Todays Society

Mothers education is what I preached to my children every chance I got.

1. At The Dinner Table

2. In My Car

3. At The Park

4. At The Book Store

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Parenting Tips

1. Mothers educate and motivate your children to reach for the stars.

2. Don't be afraid to tell them when they are wrong and praise them when they are right.

3. Be your kids parents, they already have friends.

You are your kids' mentor and their celebrity, this means that you have to live a good example for them to follow.

4. Teach them the importance of money. It gives them financial freedom, and enables them to give in abundance to other people in the world who are less fortunate. This is very important because we were born to be rich. Being poor is a conditioning and a mindset that was past down to us from generation to generation. Do it for your kid, help them to break that cycle of poverty.

Teach them to push themselves from an early age to the maximum potential that the universe set for them as humans in this world. This will enable them to retire early and enjoy life.

Live life by these principles and they won't regret it. This goes for all the single parents out there in the world. I am talking to you too single dads. Yes you. Read this and gather strength, empower yourself to go out there with the strength of an EAGLE. Then past this strength down to your children. Mothers, You wont regret it.

Mothers Education, Single Dads, Tutoring, Deals, Dating,

In my home mothers education at its best, I taught my children how very important it was to edify themselves, to work for themselves and not to be slaves to big corporations. I taught them that when they work for corporations, they are helping someone else to become wealthy, and their wages are controlled. This means that most of the time they would be living pay cheque to pay cheque.

As a result of my teaching

My children starts their own tutoring business while they are still studding. One of my daughter is in University, and the other daughter is on the honor roll in high school. My children love learning and love school. They are now teenagers, and they help with housework, laundry, cooking, grocery list, and grocery shopping, yard work etc. I taught them the importance of multitasking in life. With the divorce rate close to 50%, I told my children that this is the real world and that they don't know if one day they wont be thrown into the single parent role.

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