For All You Singles Dating, Do You Think You Have Any "Needy" Characteristic?

Women, if you are singles dating, let me tell you a secret, a man need to feels that his life is better with you in it, and then he will do whatever it takes, to maintain a long-term relationship with you. I understand that from time to time that the dating and relationship nightmares from your past may flash into your mind. But you have to control it, or you will be singles dating for a long time.

Don’t let it control the rest of your life, and don’t become a prisoner of your past relationships. You shouldn’t hold your present relationship accountable for what happened in your past.

Because you don't want to feel the pain you felt in the past relationship ever again. You may start to feel anxious and afraid when you are dating a man. You might worry that the same things could happen to you all over again, and whenever you feel this way your mind races, and desperation sets in.

You try to do everything different in the relationship this time, and put a lot of faith in this new guy you are dating. You tell yourself that he is different from those other guys, and put him on a pedestal while treating him like a god. You want to get it right this time, so you try a little harder with him to get things moving forward in the right direction.

You make a huge effort to find out all about him, to understand him. And you help him out in every way you can with the things that are going on in his life. You lend him your shoulder to cry on, and in the back of your mind you really hope he will recognize all the great things you are doing for him, and how amazing you can be so he will stay with you. You think that because of everything you’ve done for him, he'd be crazy not to want to continue t be with you.

Unfortunately, because of your fear of messing up the relationship, you are trying too hard. This scare the man away, because it makes you appear very “needy” and “desperate”. While you are both singles dating, He may wonder why you want him so bad, your actions make him wonder if he is the last man standing.

I am here to tell you that a man can spot a phony woman a mile away, so you need to be yourself. When you are dating a man and you puts on an act he is going to see right through it. I don’t care how much a man tells you that he is not ready for an exclusive dating relationship and all that. Like I said before, he is just not ready for the serious relationship with you.

Don’t give expensive gifts to a man with the intention that he will continue to date you, and stay with you because of the gifts. Once the gifts stop coming, the man will too. I know a situation where the man stopped dating a girl, yet he continued to get the gifts from her months later. She did this in the hopes that it would encourage him to change his mind.

You guessed it, it didn’t work. He is currently dating another woman who gives gifts to him on occasions, birthdays, Christmas, etc. They are in a long-term relationship and there is no flow of gifts on her part. I wonder why? He, however, is always giving her gifts. What is she doing that the other lady was not? She doesn’t treat him like a thing. She treats him like the human being he is, and he connects with her for who she is.

Things to remember: If you are singles dating, the term “dating” means just that. You don’t always have to be available when the guy you are dating asks you out. Remember, it’s not like you are dating exclusively. Therefore, you could have another date, right?

Don’t act desperate like example cancel a previous date to accommodate him. after you’ve turned him down (in a nice way) because you had other plans. Even if your date is going to the movies with your girl friends, it is still a date.

All you single women dating I will say this again don’t cancel your previous date for another date. You are not committed to dating anyone. So, you can let him know that next time he should give you a little more notice.

By doing this you don’t look desperate, and you are not asking to date him exclusively. He will soon realize that if he really feels a deep connection to you, he has to take the dating steps in the right direction.

Happy singles dating!! Continue to visit this website for information that will wow you and your friends. Send it along to some singles dating that you think it could help, and keep reading there is a lot of information here to help you in different areas of your life.

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