Are You Women Living Alone By Choice?

There is nothing wrong with single women living alone with your children if you choose to do so. Nonetheless, reconsider single parenthood if you are living alone for the following reasons:

1. You are angry at men, and have no desire to date

2. Cannot get over what happen between you and your ex.

3. Unable to find the perfect (match?)

4. Cannot meet anyone because you don’t go out/Lack of social life

5. Not open to date different races, cultures, religions

6. Refuse to try online personals

7. Middle age dating don't appeal to you

8. You are a new parent, and a independent woman living alone by choice.

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It is really a good idea to give yourself some time alone, especially if the breakup has left you with a lot of scars. If your previous relationship was abusive living alone is definitely needed so that you can learn to love yourself again, to feel pretty again.

Women, It is true that however you see yourself is the reflection of how the world sees you. Whenever you feel beautiful, you walk, dance, and dress beautifully. When you dress sexy, and dress for success, there is a certain sensual confidence about you, and other people can spot it the minute you walk into a room.

Some single women living alone by choice, said they are much happier than they were when they were married. Studies showed that a large percentage of women love their independence and are having the time or their lives. they talk about feeling lonely sometimes, but small percentage of married women admits to feeling lonely sometimes.

Some women living alone say that they are angry at men. This is not a very good reason for you to chose to live alone. Don't forget, you had a bad experience with one man. Everyone deserves a fair chance. There are more good men than bad, just like there are more good people in the world than bad people.

Are you unable to find the perfect fit? Sometimes the list that you make for the perfect man is unrealistic. You might need to revise your list, to ensure that the man you desire does exist.

I am just saying there is no perfect person out there. It is all about compromise, the important thing is, as long as you can live with the person's faults then it is worth trying. Remember, he is wondering the same thing about you. You have faults too that he might not be able to live with. It goes both ways.

This is why you have to be able to give and take. You need to go out, socialize with friends and colleagues so that you can meet people. The more people you meet, the more people you have to choose from. This will give you the opportunity to at least see who come closest to the list you have of the perfect man.

Happiness and love have no race or culture. I know that it is less work for you to learn about that person’s culture. But, look at it this way, there is no mystery in the relationship when you know exactly what to expect.

I heard this quote before and I like it, "A house has many rooms, why look in only one?". There are many different types of people around you, why look for only one type? You are selling yourself short. So go out there, have fun and meet people!

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