Why Being Single And Dating Sometimes Seems A Little Needy?

b>Being Single, Do you Identify with any of this?

When you were single have you ever dated a guy that made you think deep in your heart that he was “the one”, because he had all the right qualities you are looking for in a man? Perhaps he was charming, intelligent, successful, and he had a sense of humor.

Basically, being single you knew this guy was relationship material. And, the good thing was, it seemed like he felt the same way about you. Being together is all you both wanted, it felt like nothing else matters. You both experienced a deep connection that could naturally lead to something special.

Due to you were both single, you started spending a lot more time together, and you were going on a lot more dates. You felt like you have known him for years. Being in the same room together drives you crazy, because you can’t keep your hands off each other. And, strangers on the street tell you that you are a beautiful couple.

This tells you how perfect you blend together, and it feels right. Life feels magnificent, and after being single for a while, you start to feel like” this is it”. You felt that finally, your time has come. You were having fun, passion, romance, amazing conversations, laughs, and lots of inside jokes, you were on cloud nine.

Soon, a few months have gone by since you have been going out, and you were starting to wonder what’s really going on. When was he going to ask you to be his girlfriend? Although, you were still having a lot of fun with him, you had many unanswered questions, like is he seeing other people? Does he feet the same way you do? Is he playing games with you?

Maybe you practiced doing a few performances in the mirror as to how to get your question across. You finally felt that the time was perfect, and you decided to bring up the subject about where the relationship is going. He responded by completely avoids the conversation, wouldn’t open up, and worse, being that you were the one who brought the subject up. He acts like you are the one being unreasonable.

Things definitely aren’t the same over the next few days he becomes more and more distant. The phone calls become less frequent, communication seems forced and awkward. And, eventually communication stops totally. Then, the scary thing that you were always afraid of happens. You are single again, he no longer calls, because he is gone. One minute he seemed to be “the one”, and the next he is gone.

And, all you have left is a cold, empty confuse feeling deep in your stomach feeling. Wondering what have you done wrong? Trying to find something to blame yourself for. You feel that being single is your fault, you are messing up every relationship that you ever had. But, you don’t know what to do or not do to prevent this from ever happening again?

If this situation sounds even remotely familiar to you, you are not alone. This has happened to thousands of single women all over the globe. When it does happen, it may push you farther away from ever being able to create your ideal love-life. Click here to continue.Single And Needy

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