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January 16, 2007

Good news!!

You can call your Master card Company and ask them to reverse the yearly fee that is on your unpaid bill. My daughter called and had hers taken off her bill yesterday.

Capital One Master Card charges a yearly fee of $59.00. Capital One removed the $59.00 promptly, and thanked her for being an exceptional customer. She is a long term Capital One customer for over three years.

She had capital One reversed her yearly fee last year as well. She decided that refuse to pay to keep a credit card.

I suggest you call all your Master Card companies and tell them to take a look at your history with the company. You are a long term customer who always paid on time, and you are asking them to waive your yearly fee.

Be persistent, you may have to mention other companies credit card that you have and you don’t have to pay to keep them.

Worse case scenario, you can make treats to close the card if you have to pay a yearly fee.

I will continue to keep you up to date on this quest to cut off all unwanted bills.

Mom's Parenting Reality.

October 4, 2008.

Barack Obama Elected President In The United States of America.The First Black (African American) To have The Highest Job In The World.


He was declared the winner at 11:00 pm. Americans Are Not Racist.

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