Home Budget, Household Budget. A Single Moms Bible For Buying A House

Through home budget, I finally bought my first home, it was a nice house but it was not my dream home. After living in that house for two years, I sold it. Now my family and I live in the best area in our city. I drove in this area with my children about a year before we bought the house there, and I told my children that this is the area I would like to live in. The houses were out of my price range, so I waited. Needless to say, that is the area we live in now. "The law of attraction" at its best.

I use the money I made from my previous house, plus some of my rainy day savings to purchase our dream home. This is why I know that you have to dream first, set a goal, create a picture in your mind of how you will live when you get to where you want to be. Then acquire it, it is all about the way you think.

Home Budget, Household Budget, Family Budget, Dating

how I did it using , household budget.

We had a family budget that we live by. Family involvement is the key, to a perfect home budget, household budget . My family take turns in cooking instead of eating out. My girls learned to make different dishes from the internet. I would like to tell you that there are tons of very good recipes on the internet. We take turns in showing off our different dishes.

Getting the family involved in the family budget is very important. We work as a team around our house. From making sure light switches are turned off in areas that are not being used, to ensure water is not running unnecessarily.

Food Budget: We all look for sales in the grocery store. Whenever there is a sale on certain product, we stock up on it, and by the time we run low on that particular item, it will more than likely be on sale again. Due to some of you being used to having so much, then you will have to learn how to budget. Creating a budget was very easy for me, because I grew up with having very little. Home Budget, Household Budget was always in the forefront in my single dad's home.

Home Budget, Household Budget, Family Budget, Dating

Tips: Keep in mind that for home budget, household budget, Every week there is a sale on different items in the the grocery store. Did you know that whenever you don't have much in life, you learn how to be creative. My brother use to make toy trucks out of wood, and my sisters and I would make cloth dolls fromour old clothes.

This was a great way to recycle and we didn't even know that we were recycling at the time. We learned to sew by making clothes for our dolls from old clothes. Sometimes we would go to the dressmaker down the street to get small pieces of left over material from her customers clothes. We would use it for doll clothes. We learned from an early age that you have to set your mind to your condition. And, we were very happy and satisfied with our lives, because that was all we knew.

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