Manifesting money, How To Turn Your Passion Into A Home Based Business

Single moms, There are many different ways to manifesting money for your household. You can be self-employed, and work from home if you want to. Turn your passion into a home based business and get out of the rat race.

What are you good at? What passion is burning inside you? We all have something that we are good at, something that you always wanted to do. That is your passion. It is a burning desire to do something.

Start using that passion to acquire your part-time income from home. When you start manifesting money from that home-based business, then it can replace your full time job.

Manifesting money, Home Based Business, Cooking, Dating,

Tips: For Home Based Business in manifesting money:

-Site Build It (Click On The Link At The Bottom Of This Page For Details)

-Child Care Business (especially if you have small children).

-Fostering (Foster parent. In most countries this income is tax free)

-If you need to get schooling for whatever your desire is, search for college grants. There are lots of college grants and scholarships out there. Most countries have grants for single moms who are retraining.

-If you like cooking / baking. Bake for special occasions, cakes, hors d'oeuvers and sell it. Start with your friends and neighbours, eg. Christmas, anniversary and birthday cakes, etc.

-If you are good at floral design / arrangement. Start with friends and neighbours,


-Party / Wedding Planner.

-Telephone Answering Service. (answering the telephone for companies from your home)

-Employment Agency

-Recruiting Service

-Hair Stylist

-Motivational Speaking

-Travel Agent

If you are a single mother who has a home based business, whether you are using it to supplement your income or as your full time job, please post what you do here to give other single moms ideas in manifesting money. Use your talentsand/or skills in manifesting money. You should have more than one income at all times.

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Given that your family has a single income; it would be really devastating if your only income dries up. We know that multiple streams of income build wealth, plus it gives you a piece of mind.

Here are my(MSI)multiple, streams of income. I am a mortgage specialist. I also have a recruiting service business, and I arrange second mortgages and lines of credit for individuals. have renters that pay rent weekly. I am an Affiliate or an Independent Agent for Quantum Express Free Global Money Transfer company. Still, I’m always looking for business opportunities.

My goal is to increase my charitable donation each year by 10%-15%. Therefore, the more money I earn is the more I will have to donate to the less fortunate. I want as many single parents as possible worldwide to have access to this information. This means that most libraries throughout the world, even in remote areas, should have a computer.

That is my goal. Single moms, lets do this together. If this information helps to motivate you in any way, if you started a business, or you have your (MSI) multiple streams of income, I need to hear from you. I need to keep track of the number of people who have been inspired by this information. The data you provide will ensure me that this information needs to be out there. I also need you to add more home based business ideas to my list.

Feel free to contact me, if this helps you in any way. Tell a friend about us, so that we can continue to motivate and teach others how to have multiple streams of income.

Advantages of a Home Based Business for the Single Parent:

- You are home in the mornings when your kids go to school, and when they come home from school.

- More family time

- you can be more involved with school activities, and may even find time to be a school volunteer.

- Your children are less likely to be in trouble because they know that you are at home, and the rule is that they should come home after school.

- You will get tax write offs for many things that are used in the home, including the area of your house since it is used for your business, car maintenance since it is used to see clients etc.

- Your children can come home to a healthy home cooked meal every day, and not have to rely on unhealthy frozen dinners and junk food.

- Because you’ll be spending more time with them, you will get more opportunities to really teach your children many positive things, and get the message across through repetition.

- No commuting.

Manifesting money, Home Based Business, Cooking, Dating, Dress Code for Home Based Business:

There is no specific dress code for a home-based business. Nevertheless, I suggest that you shower and put on a pair of jeans and a nice top. You should dress in semi-formal business attire, just in case you have an unexpected meeting with a client on a short notice.

Working from home shouldn’t mean you can launder around the house in your sleep clothes. You should always be able to answer your door and look appropriate in case, the courier service should come to your door to drop off or pick up something for your business. This may be your opportunity to tell him about your business. Tell everyone about your home-based business. This helps you in manifesting money.

Don’t forget, you are single maybe he is too. You never get a second chance to make a first impression. Don’t keep your business a secret or your single status. Let everyone know that you are single and looking.

Always have your business cards handy, and a pen at your fingertips, In case you have to write some information for a client. You look more professional when you have easy access to your business cards and your pen. With all this in place, you should be manifesting money, with your(MSI)from your home based business.

Manifesting money is wealth building. I will teach you step by step, how to build wealth.

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