Learn Why Finance Is Incorporated In My Parenting Style.

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I am aware that being raised with certain parenting style by my single father, who was very conscious about his finances makes it easy for me to adopted. And, past those same financial principles down to my children.

I am sure that this will be harder for you to do, because you were not raised with the same money sense as I did. But, I am telling you, it can be done. my father did it. I have done it, and I am still doing it.

You know that I am talking to you, given the financial situation that you are in right now. You have the willpower to do this. My dad raised us this way, and my siblings and I still managed to survive. Obviously I didn't die, because I'm alive to tell you this story. I thanked him every day for the way he raised us to be money conscious, and I am raising my children with the same parenting style.

I've told you how well adjusted my children are. I've told you that they have their own tutoring business and are still in school. I taught them to use their skills and talent to manifest money while helping others. This is why I feel compelled to tell you that finance MUST be added to your parenting style.

I had a business when I was a kid, and now my children are teenagers who have their own business. I am not an expert, but I must be doing something right. It is all about repetitive teaching in the home. Don't forget most kids have absolutely no clue about money and credit. Managing credit and managing money must be incorporated in your teaching style.

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We are usually told by financial experts to save 10%. of our income. I would say put something away no matter how small it is, because, some people who are not use to saving will still look at that and say, I cannot afford to put that much away. Nevertheless, some people can afford to put away more that 10%. Even if you only put away your small change into an empty jar, it's a start.

You're probably saying you cannot afford to pay any more than the minimum payments on your cards. YES, can do it through discipline. Here is how. Start by cooking at home more, and eating out less, say once per month. It will benefit you health wise too. Instead of giving the kids money to buy fast food, make healthy lunches for them. This goes over very well with your children when you teach them the danger of unhealthy food. Let them know that you are all trying to get into health and fitness.

Build your credit score. You will need it so that you can buy your own home instead of paying rent. When you pay rent you are helping the landlord to build wealth. You need to build your own wealth. Learn how to create wealth and how to have more than one income when you click on "manifesting money".

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