Be A Bargain Shopper, Learn To Shop Economically.

The bargain shopper who understands household budget, is the one who will be on top after these tough economic times are over. With today's cost of living at record high, only the strong penny pincher will survive. Single moms, I cannot tell you enough times, to shop wisely.

You should always look like a million bucks, but you should NOT pay a million dollars for the look. When you look good, you feel good, and when you feel good, then you are more approachable. Remember, you are single, and always looking for that lucky guy.

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Don't burn your money, shop wisely, be a bargain shopper.And You Too Can Buy Your Dream House

If you are a jazzy dresser then you have come to the right website for information about where to find your clothes. Thrift shops are the perfect place to get your designer clothes. My kids and I love going to the thrift shops, I suppose, just like some of you love going to the mall to buy expensive designer clothes.

Thrift shops are where you'll really pay cheap for brand name clothes, purses, runners, coats, scarves, shoes, wedding gowns, tuxedos, etc. Even household items such as: lamps, picture frames, wall pictures, novelty items, furniture, and lots of different home accessories.

Some of the clothes have never been worn, the original regular price tags are still in tact! This way you get to see the real cost for that item. My girls and I jokingly say that those ones are probably from some of those shopaholics who appeared on The Oprah Show. They buy expensive items and then turn around and donate them to the thrift shops. But I am not complaining because their loss is our gain.

Bargain Shopper, Million Dollars, Charitable Organizations, Deals, Bargain,

Tips: Go to thrift shops in ritzy areas.

You will get some really nice clothes along with other items at thrift shops. I believe that I am the number one Bargain Shopper in the world. If you think that you can beat me at deal hunting, I need to hear from you. I believe in people helping people, so I need you to email me information about thrift shops sale in your area so that I can post it for readers.

Right now, I have a very nice table cloth on my dining room table that I bought at a thrift shop and I am consistently showered with compliments on it, as well as on other items in my home. Whenever someone asks me where I bought it, I always tell them the name of the thrift shop I bought it from. Keep in mind that most thrift shops are charitable organizations. Therefore, when you support them you are indirectly supporting a charity.

This is also a great place for you to drop off clothes or other items that you no longer need. The thrift shop sells it at a low cost, and the money goes to a worthy charity. It is a positive chain reaction, and a very good way to do your recycling.

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