How Baby Steps Leads To Big Gains When You Create A Budget

First, you need to know about finances, and how money works. Therefore, you need to Create a budget, a personal budget, and a household budget. Some of the financial problems that single moms encounter includes loosing focus of your finances due to the divorce.

when you are teaching your children about managing money, and budgeting. You should set an example by getting your finances back on track in order to be effective.

As single moms, preparing for retirement is more necessary now, since there is no spousal income to receive. You cannot rely on government pension, because that is like living from pay cheque to pay cheque (poverty). This is why you are creating a budget to prepare for your own future.

Keep in mind that poverty is a mindset, you were not born to be poor. This is why creating a budget, a personal budget, allows you to control your own destiny. It is more important to stay focus now than ever before. This is why you have to fight with all your willpower to get your share of wealth on this earth.

I am here to tell you how you can get yours much easier than you think. All you need to do is change your way of thinking. Stop thinking poor, and start thinking wealth. Remember, it is all in the way you think. Creating a budget is the first step in managing your finances.

There are several books out there that tells you about how powerful your mind is. Remember the Law of Attraction. whether you realize it or not . You can be a money magnet if you want to be. But, you need to do the following: create a budget, personal budget, household budget.

Create A Budget, Personal Budget, Household Budget, Deals, Dating,


1.Credit Card Debts, and you only pay the minimum payments

2.Living from pay cheque to pay cheque

3.Bad Credit(same as no credit)

4.Rent instead of own (not building wealth)

5.Impulse buyer (unnecessary spending)

6.Feel obligated to buy everything your kids want (want not need)

7.Payday loans at cash stores (huge interest payment)

8.Expensive Brand Name clothes

9.Allow your children to waste food (throw food away)

10.Only one income (not multiple streams)

11.Trying to keep up with the Jones (why not be the Jones')

12.Eat out more than once per week

13.Have no emergency funds (scary for single moms)

14.You make a lot more money than your friends, yet they seem to be doing better than you financially (budgeting problem)

15.You've used credit card to buy clothes on sale (but you end up paying more in the long run)

The list Goes On...

Create A Budget, Personal Budget, Household Budget, Deals, Dating,

Now STOP using your credit cards. Use cash, and buy whatever you need, not what you want If you don't have the cash, it means that you cannot afford that item. look for the card with the highest interest rate, and pay more than the required minimum payment on that card. Continue to do this until all your cards are paid off. When you create a budget, it helps you to keep all your bills in order.

When you get your paycheque, you need to put some money away. Basically, pay yourself first. My father always say that he is putting it away for the rainy days. He then say that anywhere the rest of the money finish for that week, then so be it until the next payday.

He would not touch that money unless one of his children was sick. It was his savings, and his emergency fund. Don't forget to do the following: create a budget, personal budget, household budget. It will help you in giving an account of how every penny was spent.

Create A Budget, This Is How It Helped Me

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