Frugal Times Comes To Mind, When There Is A Decline In The Economy Or A Change In Your Life.

I had my frugal living when I was separated from my husband, now ex husband. I had just started a staffing agency business. In case you don’t know how that type of business is operated, let me brief you on how it works.

The clients ask for my staffing agency to supply workers. Then, I have to pay the workers on a weekly basis, from my own pocket, until I am paid by the company thirty or sixty days later. I depleted all my reserve funds this way, and that was when I really kicked my frugal living into high gear.

I wanted to be able to pay my workers. In this industry, if words go out that a company cannot pay its workers, because it has no money, the company would lose the workers it had, and receive a bad reputation.

Whatever money I had was used to run my business, and it was frugal time at home for my kids and me. I came up with many different ways to save money. No longer could we eat out every Friday like we did before my tough time started. I cooked on Fridays instead.

When I started my penny-pinching plan, I stopped going to the hair dresser, and learned to style our hair myself. When preparing a frugal budget, you have to ensure that every penny is accounted for.

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Sometimes it is the small changes that make a big difference. I want you to know that when you economize, you get to stay within a limit, so you don’t spend more than you earn, and youcan use the little money you have to pay your bills. Remember to at least pay the minimum monthly payments on or before the due date, so that you can keep your credit in good standing.

Due to the poor state of the economy around the globe, these are definitely tough times. More and more people are talking about tighten their belts. You can learn to cook instead of eating out, renting movies instead of going to the theatre and shopping on the basis of need instead of want.

There are many ways to save money. You can car-pool with Co-workers living within your area to and from work. This willsave money on gas for both you and your co-workers. Public transportation is another safe economically way to travel.

In most cities the bus system is very convenient, and it sure beats the price of gas and car maintenance. An average, women's income is lower than men's, and single mom families are always considered to be in the worst financial position, even when times are good. Therefore, most women already know how to live on a limited income.

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